Craft stores are frequently the source of strange inspiration. In the discolored glass section, we’ve seen the copper foil, as well as even utilized it to prototype some RF circuits on the tops of shoeboxes. However, we might never get a great technique for linking ICs to the fairly thick foil. [Bryan Cera] did it though. His paperSynth uses some paper as well as cardboard for a substrate, copper foil, as well as an ATtiny CPU to make music. You can see the gadget in operation in the video, below.

The copper foil is sticky as well as it isn’t conductive on the back, so anywhere the foil is supposed to touch, you requirement a blob of solder. We wouldn’t trust the insulation by itself to cross wires, however with a bit of insulating material between–a piece of paper or electrical tape, for example–you might most likely cross with impunity. For an RF circuit, you may even make low-value capacitors like that.

Even though we’ve utilized foil before, we got a great deal out of reading this project. The battery clip as well as on/off switch was ingenious. There are five different modes for the synthesizer. single notes, double notes, triads, four notes, as well as a drum mode.

If you want something more sonically impressive, like this Teensy-based poly synthesizer we looked at recently, you may have to modification to a different construction technique. For a quick project, utilizing copper tape as well as cardboard can get you going quick as well as still have a neat appearance. Me pidämme siitä. If you believe tape is low tech, by the way, believe again.

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